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Letting scholars get away with publishing fallacies and myths signals to others the existence of topics where guardians of good scholarship might be less capable than elsewhere. Such dysology then serves as an allurement to poor scholars to disseminate existing myths and fallacies and to create and publish their own in these topic areas, which leads to a downward spiral of diminishing veracity on particular topics.

Monday 11 May 2020

The Covid19 Masks Supermyth

You would think, rationally, that scientists would abide by the principle of "nullius in verba" (incidentally the title of my book that reveals they don't). The Latin phrase  " -- expands into the scholarly gold standard of objectivity that we should all abide by in our lives: "Not compelled to swear to any master's words." And yet scientists in the UK and the politicians who then follow their advice before advising the public with it have swallowed hook-line-and-sinker the duff advice of anti-masker scientists (who got the science and common sense wrong. This blog reveals who those scientists and politicians are. The important point to remember here, if we are to learn anything by the lessons of history so that 2020 is a year to remember (not to forget as UK Health Minister Matt Hancock implores us), is that if masks work to save tens of thousands of lives as top US scientist Dr Fauci tells us they do in a COVID19 pandemic then telling people not to wear masks as Boris Johnson and his scientific advisers told us at the start of the Pandemic then that duff advice killed tens of thousands of people.

Dr Fauci would later go on to proclaim that wearing double masks was only common sense (here Yes Dr Fauci, it always was common sense. So does that not mean that you and the other supposed "experts" on the topic totally lacked any common sense when you advised us all at the start of the Pandemic not to wear any kind of mask whatsoever?

 Can science please explain why I (and others) knew from the very start that your initial "don't wear a mask in the COVID19 pandemic" advise was utter nonsense and totally lacked common sense based on the evidence available to us all at the time? 


March 2020 USA Health Expert Dr Fauci spouts the palpable lethal idiotic nonsense that people should not wear facemasks in a COVID pandemic. It was plainly stupid advice to many people hearing and reading it at the time, including myself and my family and friends. Like other so called experts Fauci would later change his mind completely. Here he is before he did so, making stupid assumptions that everyone wearing a mask is stupid and that by doing so they will in some way, unexplained, create a shortage of masks for others who he weirdly thinks need them more.

  . During the 2020 Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, scientific and medical advisers to the UK Government took the myth that face masks of any kind do not provide the wearer, if a member of the general public in a public/semi-public place, with any useful protection against a virus and added to it a new myth that they would be more likely to become infected and to infect others through the act of wearing a mask in public and semi public places. In this blog post you will see the video and newspaper, journal and peer reviewed journal article evidence for the creation, dissemination and busting of the lethal Masks Supermyth.

They all asserted repeatedly on TV that masks don't work. Then switched to the whispered unheard advice to wear one, but only if you can. 

 masks/coverings outside the home during a pandemic and the actual evidence followed by the turnaround on 11th May 2020.

Many thousands of lives have been lost. If masks work today to stop the spread of Covid19 then they also worked months ago!


Please follow the video and newspaper timeline.

March 4th 2020, Chief Medical Officer, and top "expert" government adviser on the Covid19 pandemic, Chris Whitty, says the general public should not wear masks (Here) .

Maybe that is because Whitty oddly thinks face mask wearing will somehow uniquely turn us into idiots who won't also wash our hands or properly keep the correct social distance anymore?

Whitty is on record on 4th March  saying that masks will not provide protection against the virus, but does not explain why that should be his thinking given that the virus is spread by coughed or sneezed water droplets. Logic suggests masks will reduce the volume and trajectory of infected droplets. Given that many spreaders and super spreaders are asymptomatic. Compulsory masks for all would prevent them spreading the virus. So what on Earth is Whitty talking about?

A supermyth is a myth that is compounded by further myths about that myth (see the supermyths website)

So here we see the beginning of the supermyth that masks don't work against Covid-19 - as others (on film below) such as Whitty's deputy, Jenny Harries, add to the masks don't work myth with another myth (to compound the original myth) that the general UK public wearing masks in public places start acting stupidly with them, doing things like wiping infected masks over surfaces. And further myths added by scientific advisers that mask wearers think masks are to sole solution to the pandemic.

11th March 2020 The Deputy Chief Medical Officer telling Boris and the rest of us the barking mad nonsense the public would wipe infected face masks over surfaces - but its OK for us all to attend mass public events  in this pandemic! 


Is Jenny Harries Advising Boris how to best infect the UK population! from Mike Robert Sutton on Vimeo.You need to be signed into VIMEO to watch this video

13th April 2020 - more total idiocy. This time from Dr Chris Smith, founder of the podcast Naked Scientists is exposed as a credulous follower and super spreader of the lethal Masks Supermyth. Dr Smith is  consultant medical virologist and a lecturer at the University of Cambridge and is also a Fellow Commoner at Queens' College, Cambridge.


The beginning of the U-Turn  1st May 2020 Boris Johnson (having been in hospital with Covid19 admitting that public use of face masks do work to save lives by slowing the spread of Covid19

Government Clearly Afraid to Admit that it was Wrong about Masks and the General Public from Mike Robert Sutton on Vimeo.

6 May 2020 UK Chief Scientific Officer Sir Patrick Vallance admits facemasks may reduce the spread of Covid 19  Here

Scotland 8th May. Tells general population to wear masks outside the home. Why not England? from Mike Robert Sutton on Vimeo.

9th May 2020 UK Deputy Chief Medical officer incredibly arrogant but dim Jonathan "um-um-er" Van-Tam still spreading the lethal supermyth that masks should not be recommended for use by the general UK population

Here is UK Deputy Chief Medical Officer: Jonathan "Um-Um-Um-Er Van Tam revealing he has about as much common sense, gumption, rational imagination & logic as a derelict caravan on facemasks #MasksAgainstCoronavirus to prevent the spread of #Covid19 

Click to see the lethal bozo in action Here (archived here)

 2020 9th May Facemasks compulsory at some UK airports. There are zero proven concerns against wearing a face mask to reduce the spread of Covid19. We need to establish, therefore, that the UK Government's bad advice against wearing masks was not part of a deliberate herd immunity death plan for the UK elderly

11th May 2020 The BBC reveal UK government turnaround on public use of facemasks

If face masks work 11 May to reduce deaths from Covid19 then logically they worked before. That means the previous advice killed from Mike Robert Sutton on Vimeo.

11th May 2020 The UK Prime Clown in parliament not apologising, not admitting his government and the idiot advisers he has been led by got the whole masks issue wrong. How many thousands died because of the dysology on masks and the subsequent Masks Supermyth Boris?


Boris does a turnaround on face masks but does not admit his Government got it wrong for over two months. from Mike Robert Sutton on Vimeo.

Read an excellent paper on why masks worn by the general public should have been made compulsory right from the start: Face masks for the public during the covid-19 crisis BMJ 2020; 369 doi: (Published 09 April 2020) See:

And, based on scientific experiment - here is another good article 

By contrast, here is one beloved by anti-maskers based on people in a lab experiment only wearing a medical grade mask or a flimsy cotton mask coughing into a petri dish from a couple of inches away. Yet the authors of the article admit they did not measure either the volume or trajectory of infected water droplets by mask wearers versus non mask wearers. Moreover, where the hell do members of the general public obtain these flimsy disposable medical grade masks? And who thinks flimsy cotton masks are the number 1. choice of the public? For all they know a scarf wrapped around the face, a way thicker DIY anti dust mask or ski mask, anti pollution mask, works better. Anyway, it's well worth a read.

If masks work on 11th May to reduce the spread of Covid19 and reduce the dreadful death toll then they worked 2 months ago when the three so called "experts" below were creating and spreading the deadly Mask Supermyth!

The so-called "experts" advising the UK Government made up a myth by telling them and the public a made-up story that if they wore masks they would only be doing so in the erroneous belief that a mask on the face renders the wearer immune from infection and so they would stop hand washing and social distancing. 

The correct message should have been that because Covid19 is often spread by asymptomatic people breathing out, coughing and sneezing infected droplets in public and semi-public places that EVERYONE should wear a mask. Because: "when we all wear a mask we protect ourselves by the simultaneous act of protecting everyone else."

The only reason masks are not compulsory today in the UK (12th May 2020) during the pandemic could well be because the government of the UK would rather thousands more now die than admit they got the science, logic and commonsense on masks for the public wrong from the very start, and for months they callously refused to admit it, allowing thousands more unnecessary deaths and many more infections to occur.

The image above is from the 60 page document (here) that includes the masks for all u-turn. But now they are spin hiding their earlier stupid advice not to wear a mask by telling people not to use an anti-dust mask. Even though it is obvious such masks would save save lives! My family all wear anti-dust mask in public. And we see them used by the public, police etc all over Europe. The image below is the type of double-mask my family all use and me wearing mine.



Review of randomised trials finds masks very effective a source control measure if worn by the general public HERE




We saw above that on march 4th 2020 The UK Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty said not to wear a mask in public and semi public places. Now he has changes  his mind. But its too little too late. If masks are saving lives now then they would have saved thousands earlier. Logically, Whitty's bad advice killed people then, didn't it? Or are masks suddenly effective at saving lives now but were not two months ago?

Whitty U-turn on masks with no explanation to the public and no apology for earlier any-mask lethal nonsense. from Mike Robert Sutton on Vimeo.   3rd June 2020 Whitty's U-turn with no apology and no explanation! Thousands have died. Tens of thousands. How many died due the lethal Masks Supermyth?

What's going on. How do masks suddenly work to save lives? UK Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty claimed before they do not? No apology for deaths caused! No explanation for why wrong before! 4th June 2020 the Government makes face coverings compulsory this month on all public transport in England (here)

On 5th June there are calls to make masks compulsory elsewhere in public places in the UK

The weird stubborn refusal of #BonkersBoris, his sycophantic idiotic and so called "expert" advisers and others of influence in the UK who created the #MasksSupermyth needs to be thoroughly investigated because they killed tens of thousands of people with it. #NulliusInBurger!

Today we see #BonkersBoris, Sir Patrick Vallance & Chris Whitty carry on the masks U-Turn. Only a number of weeks ago all three were bleating the nonsense #MaskSupermyth that masks are useless and actually spread #Covid19!

Still no explanation or apology!
More propaganda as Marr and Sunak will only use the new greased weasel term "face coverings" to try to magic away the word masks from the lexicon of criminal incompetence and useless, weirdly incurious and credulous, BBC journalism on the issue of public mask use during the pandemic.

Andrew Marr Show 14 June 202 from Mike Robert Sutton on Vimeo. .

What happens in UK when idiot propagandists @AndrewMarr9 collude with greased weasel politicians to refuse to say "masks" to try to magic that word from our lexicon of their criminal incompetence on the #MasksSupermyth with the sly term "face coverings"

Agreed. #BorisJohnson is a malignant and lethal force for utter deadly incompetence in the world. .
A few wise words - although rather late - from Peter Drobac, MD, MPH ADVISER; VISITING FACULTY, FACULTY OF GLOBAL HEALTH DELIVERY at Oxford University on 22.06.2020 . 
On Masks working. Further evidence that busts the masks supermyth from Mike Robert Sutton on Vimeo.

If face masks work to save lives as we come out of lock down, then they also worked during lock down at the peak of the pandemic and before. So having an anti-mask policy during peak of the lock down surely led to tens of thousands of deaths and even more misery to others. 

Still no explanation for U-turn on face masks and no apology for earlier lethal anti mask policy in U.K. from Mike Robert Sutton on Vimeo.
UK and USA Political Anti-Mask Propaganda Kills People - Kills them in the tens of thousands!

 On 23 June 2020 Chris Whitty now admits we should all wear masks in shops. But nobody is. Not even the staff. Why not? because of whitty, Harries and Van-Tam earlier saying they don't work and actually spread the virus. Whitty in an unprecedented lethal coward for not admitting he got it wrong earlier, for not giving a reason for the official U-turn. People have died and continue to die because of his credulous sheeplike incompetence followed by utter disgraceful ass-covering cowardice!

Whitty now 23 June 2020 recommends masks in shops! No admission that he earlier said masks are useless! from Mike Robert Sutton on Vimeo.
SPOOKY! THIS IS LIKE A HORROR FILM ENTITLED "GOING FORWARD"!😏 9th July 2020 Scotland makes it compulsory to wear masks in shops (here

 On 25th October 2020, the eminent scientist  Dr Fauci tells the BBC that facemasks worn by members of the public save lives in the Covid19 pandemic. 

I think lethal anti-mask sentiments spread by UK scientists, politicians and academics needs to be seriously debated - to save lives, or not as the case may be. I have looked at the evidence and it has been clear to me since March 2020 that masks surely do play a major role in reducing the incidence spread of Covid19.


President Elect of the USA, Joe Biden, tells Americans on 9th Nov 2020 that the most effective thing they can do to save tens of thousands of lives in the Covid19 pandemic is to "wear a mask" (here). How far is that from Trump's insane mockery of mask wearers and what Biden calls Trump's "emotional and physical clone" Boris Johnson's monster raving loony advice not to wear one because they spread covid19?  


I and my family all wore an industrial anti-dust mask covered with an anti-pollution mask from the very start of the COVID19 pandemic. At the time I began this blog post on the Masks Supermyth in May 2020, governments were telling people in the West not to wear masks because they would be depriving medical and nursing staff of personal protective equipment (PPE) we all knew that was absolute claptrap. Moreover, when some scientists were making up stories about masks being ineffective at protecting the wearer and others around them from exhaled virus particles we know that was rubbish because masks would not be recommended to medical staff - and fears of such PPE shortages would not occur - if that was true.

If there is one lesson to be had here it is that scientists, politicians and the wider public should always abide by the scientific principle of  nullius in verba (incidentally, that is the title of my book on the worlds greatest science fraud by plagiarism).. In other words, do not simply take the word of anyone that anything is true. Check out the independently verifiable facts for yourself. Relatedly, never blindly and credulously follow the zombie horde by accepting any argument on the simple basis that it comes from "authority." 

In the case of my book, Nullius in Verba: Darwin's Greatest Secret, the scientific community and the wider public have been hoodwinked for over 150 years by Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace who both plagiarised the entire theory of evolution by natural selection, its name and explanatory analogies and examples, from the Scot Patrick Matthew who published it in its entirety 27 years before them and - contrary to science mythology started by Darwin's serial lies on the matter  - his 1831 book containing the theory was read and cited by Darwin' and Wallace's friends, correspondents, influencers and their influencer's influencers and even by the editor of Wallace's Sarawak paper on the topic before they penned a word on the topic in their private notebooks. Yet despite the newly unearthed independently verifiable evidence in my book and expert peer reviewed papers on the topic (e.g. here)  most of the scientific community and general public swallow the Darwin supermyth on the basis that they are blindly obeying authority on the matter. Do you dear reader?

Further reading

How Masks Went From Don’t-Wear to Must-Have (here)

Nutty Professor Chris #Fckwhitty - who has still not apologised for his central role in the lethal raving bonkers #MasksSupermyth (that masks do not work to reduce spread of COVID19 and even spread it) announces 1,041 deaths from COVID19 in past 24 hours:

Ministers not got it right on face masks @j_g_allen Because Boris and advisers have not corrected their original misinformation #MasksSupermyth with a full apology and explanation for it - 

 And the UK super spreaders of the lethal #MasksSupermyth have NEVER apologised! .