The Dysology Hypothesis

Letting scholars get away with publishing fallacies and myths signals to others the existence of topics where guardians of good scholarship might be less capable than elsewhere. Such dysology then serves as an allurement to poor scholars to disseminate existing myths and fallacies and to create and publish their own in these topic areas, which leads to a downward spiral of diminishing veracity on particular topics.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Darwin's Disgrace!

Monday, 23 March 2015

Charles Darwin to be Beautified by the Pope?

If there actually is a "far smarter than thou" God, then it might just be moving in mysterious ways, its purifying light of the horrible New Data wonders to perform. In which improbable case, we might ask: is Dr Richard Dawkins newly revealed as "God's" unwitting Zombie Scientist?

We can never accurately predict what will happen next in human affairs. It is not beyond the bounds of reason that the newly urgent need for Darwinist miracle belief in their namesake's highly improbable "independent discovery" (immaculate conception) of Patrick Matthew's prior published hypothesis will teach scientists that today they really do have so much in common with necessary christian belief in miracles.