The Dysology Hypothesis

Letting scholars get away with publishing fallacies and myths signals to others the existence of topics where guardians of good scholarship might be less capable than elsewhere. Such dysology then serves as an allurement to poor scholars to disseminate existing myths and fallacies and to create and publish their own in these topic areas, which leads to a downward spiral of diminishing veracity on particular topics.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Milton Wainwright

 Professor Wainwright (2008   ) and (2011   ) is the only writer that I am aware of, besides me, (Sutton 2014   ) to have had published a scholarly peer-reviewed academic journal article, which presents weighty, hard-fact, confirmatory evidence in support of (1) Some form of Matthewian knowledge contamination and (2) the possibility/probability that Charles Darwin (1859) plagiarised the prior published discovery of the theory of natural selection from Patrick Matthew's (1831) book 'On Naval Timber and Arboricul;ture' .
Visit the website    for more details about Matthew and of the work of Wainwright and others on the topic of his unique bombshell discovery.