The Dysology Hypothesis

Letting scholars get away with publishing fallacies and myths signals to others the existence of topics where guardians of good scholarship might be less capable than elsewhere. Such dysology then serves as an allurement to poor scholars to disseminate existing myths and fallacies and to create and publish their own in these topic areas, which leads to a downward spiral of diminishing veracity on particular topics.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Another pre-supermyth busted: The Channel 5 25 a Day Fallacy

On new year's day 2013 - to have maximum impact on those making new year healthy eating resolutions - the British TV Channel 5 broadcast  a pile of dreadful bullony on prime time television to mislead people that the recommended 5 a day of fruit and vegetables is wrong due to a depletion of  minerals caused by poor soil quality. You can read about the 25 a day fallacy over at Best Thinking here